Team Wellbeing

Team Wellbeing. Teams with soul. Team Wellbeing Last Thursday we were driving a small rental vehicle through Portugal, in order to get to know places where to develop a corporate

Creativity from stillness

Your ideas. A path full of gratification. On the occasion of the international day of creativity, it is our wish to contribute this infographic, this scheme that we have often

Corporate Wellbeing Programs

Promote business policies, through wellness programs A few days ago we presented this proposal for Corporate Wellness, or its evolution to Corporate Wellbeing, to a group of companies organized by

Stillness spaces

The immensity in the spaces of stillness When we want to listen to our thoughts we have to learn to enjoy silence, through states of stillness, be it meditation, reflection


Inhale peace, exhale peace This residential project is the result of the game between open and closed spaces, which emulates the natural movement of breathing. The spaces designed inside the

TRAFFIC Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness available to everyone This is a nice example of how to establish a corporate wellness program in the company. The important thing is to become aware of how

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