Wellness Park Costa Rica

Senses of Soul      We have designed a route  guide by experts in personal development and tourism, with the possibility of also experiencing in it a self-guide way for

We desing and guide for the Costa Rican

We desing and guide for the Costa Rican Wellness Tourism Assotiation On the occasion of the annual celebration of the International Tourism Day, at HF&Co Wellbein Designers we have designed

Assess your dimensions of wellness

Evaluate from 1 to 10 each diemnsion of Well-being One way to approach how one feels, to what level of happiness, well-being or fullness has been reached, is to become

Wellbeing to welldoing

Wellbeing to welldoing This was the title of the talk we gave at the WIC Wellness and Coaching fair recently. The subdued light of the afternoon provided an atmosphere of

Team Wellbeing

Team Wellbeing. Teams with soul. Team Wellbeing Last Thursday we were driving a small rental vehicle through Portugal, in order to get to know places where to develop a corporate

Creativity from stillness

Your ideas. A path full of gratification. On the occasion of the international day of creativity, it is our wish to contribute this infographic, this scheme that we have often

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