Team Wellbeing

Team Wellbeing. Teams with soul.

Team Wellbeing

Last Thursday we were driving a small rental vehicle through Portugal, in order to get to know places where to develop a corporate experience, when this term flourished in our heads.

From our HF&Co project we have already coined the term wellbeing or dopamine out door compared to the classic adrenaline out door, we have coined the term spatial dimension of wellbeing, but Team Wellbeing synthesizes our claims even better.

It’s good to grow without competing, collaborating, legitimizing the emotion and desires of the compañer@s that make up the organization’s team.

We decline the adrenaline team building in which we have a lot of fun, but in our opinion they sediment less learning, or perhaps it is that the years weigh. The learning that we pursue is to recognize our true talent, recognize our being by sharing stillness and silence, finding meaning in life and analyzing the vocational contribution to the organization. Well, only then will we feel true motivation and commitment to the objectives, values ​​and challenges to face.

We often realize that we want to manifest and materialize our sense of vocation and due to things in life we ​​are not in the right place for it. But step by step we can develop an action plan in order to thank and accept the situation and from there, move the sails to be aware of the ship’s course.

Boldness is needed as my friend Enrique said, because the ship in the port is safe but it does not sail.

It is good that in this Team Wellbeing, always listening to the organization, we realize this, and listen and support the growth of our collaborators, with the generosity of the companies that are truly committed to the development of the human side of the organization. Although they know that in this realization some collaborators can naturally disassociate themselves by becoming aware during the experience, that now their desire is to take flight and leave the direction of the company, the department or take some time.

It is also good that in this Team Wellbeing, if possible in a natural setting, many recognize how well they are in the organization and renew their votes by contributing ideas, creativity and protagonism.

 At HF&Co we like activities with human teams that compete with their own desire to be and not to show their partner or the organization their absence of vulnerability, doubt and uncertainty. Not everyone should dream of being leaders of transformation preaching proactivity, responsibility and effort. It is enough to be a leader by contagion, a leader by doing the work with mastery and attention, by being kind and respectful, by proposing improvements and concerns. Aquatic leaders h2o (humility, honesty and daring), only then do we truly commit. For no flower was born to meet the expectations of another flower.

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