What do we do?

We advise and guide personal and professional development strategies with an original, tangible, and transformative design, for leaders who aim to build more humane and efficient organizations.

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It is the ability to generate new ideas or perspectives on the everyday. Building upon existing concepts, we create associations to generate an original proposal.


Literally, it means “love of life”. We nurture a sensitivity towards nature, which evokes a strong sense of connection with it.


It is the action of “going beyond” or the state of being “beyond” something. What distinguishes us is a longing to transcend towards well-being and full life, in unity with the whole.


A set of actions to achieve a result. Building upon acquired knowledge and tools, we propose a method with our own distinctive style.

Wellbeing Culture is acting with purpose and vocation, stemming from the encounter with the meaning of life. 'Wellbeing' to 'Do Right'.


We enjoy sharing. Get to know us.

From the vocational synergy and complicity in the art of living between Katya and Daniel, Wellbeing Designers is born. A project that synthesizes the extensive and multidisciplinary professional experience of both over twenty years, as well as that of collaborators who, in an organic and natural way, join and enrich the purpose through their unique vision and life journey…

Katya Benavides M.

Architect / Landscape Designer

Her studies in architecture and landscape design, along with her extensive experience and expertise in the sustainable tourism and wellness sector, enrich the design of experiences and spaces. She brings an integrated vision that enhances the unique identity of each project.

Daniel Roibal H.

Coach / Facilitator / Speaker

His studies in law and economics, along with his experience in the business world, have led him with a vocation to work as an ontological coach certified by the ICF, a trainer, and a tutor for creativity teams. This enables him to advise and design strategies for Wellbeing with an original and transformative style.

"Whoever plants a tree believes in the future." Katya Benavides.


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Creating projects, believing in people

Businesses, regardless of their size, focus on four management pillars: values, processes, results, and people. We believe that by focusing on the latter, the talent and human aspect of organizations, we enhance the overall management integrity.

We promote Organizational Wellbeing through various formats and tools aimed at achieving complementary objectives such as leadership, vocational motivation, creativity, social skills, emotional and stress management, alignment of values, and team cohesion.

It is an unavoidable task for conscious leaders to traverse their own life journey, introspection, and personal development to inspire through mere presence and to be consistent with the humanization of the brand and company they wish to build. To achieve this, we collaborate in designing the most suitable strategy with the tools proposed here.

Executive Coaching

Through this process, you will find clarity and empowerment to face personal and professional challenges by identifying and analyzing limiting beliefs. It typically consists of 6 to 8 sessions of approximately 1 hour each. It is often useful for alleviating the usual stress of daily tasks and refreshing the motivations of the executive team or board. Additionally, group coaching can be used to establish common goals and ways to approach them.

Team Wellbeing

These meetings aim to unite teams, refresh motivational and vocational fundamentals, as well as align values, goals, and foster a sense of pride in belonging. All of this is achieved by exploring various dimensions of wellbeing and personal growth (emotional mastery, beliefs, life purpose, etc.) in a friendly, participatory, and dynamic manner over one or more 8-hour sessions, preferably in a natural environment.

Consulting, Talks, and Training

Tools for the humanization of organizations through evolving their organizational culture, reviewing business purpose and values, designing corporate wellness programs, enhancing brand relationships with various stakeholders, and reviewing the motivational foundations of organizational leaders through individual and group executive coaching processes. Additionally, we train and assist the organization’s Soul Manager.

Wellbeing Tourism Product

Consulting and design of tourist experiences to enrich and differentiate the offer. Wellbeing involves ensuring that visitors enjoy the experience of personal growth while taking advantage of the surroundings and attractions of the location. We also provide training for guides of these experiences, especially for tourism companies offering wellness services or looking to enhance their offerings.

Well Spaces

Consulting and design of spaces based on sustainability and wellbeing criteria to reflect the specific values and concepts desired by the owner, including harmonization under the guidelines of well space certification. Spaces narrate our way of understanding life and the style that leaders wish to convey. They should also provide an attractive, functional, and healthy environment to visit and work in. Conscious leaders, spaces with soul.

Corporate Retreats

Guided retreats for conscious leaders and teams. Every leader, every professional who wishes to evolve in their role and find joy in their vocation, must enrich their style by traversing their own life journey, introspection, and reviewing motivational foundations. During these retreats, we work with tools for wellbeing, enhancing human qualities, and vocational purpose, and invite participants to develop an action plan to enrich their professional experience and journey.

"Conscious Leaders, Human Organizations"


Customized Design, Inspiring Support

At Wellbeing Designers, we advise, design, and support each experience and strategy uniquely, tailored to the individual style and corporate culture of every leader and organization. We adapt to these styles and cultures, allowing experiences to unfold in a gentle manner that fosters personal growth and humanizes organizations, while staying true to our values, which often align with those who seek our assistance.



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"Life is not inevitable, it is inventable." - Enrique Mariscal

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