Corporate Wellbeing Programs

Promote business policies, through wellness programs

A few days ago we presented this proposal for Corporate Wellness, or its evolution to Corporate Wellbeing, to a group of companies organized by DSKonsulting.

As we try to convey in the image, we associate the different forms of learning that each one preferably uses, with the different management axes of an organization (results, people, processes and values). With the intention of putting together a Corporate Wellbeing program, we assign different professional development and evolution tools to each of these quadrants, which in turn have repercussions and enrich some of the company policies, such as talent retention policies, healthy company, or those of innovation and social responsibility.

Corporate Wellbeing programs are not only linked to improvements in the working conditions of our internal collaborator, including the improvement of spaces and their influence on performance and health, but also have an impact on policies and lines of action.

We can do none of this and get good results, but how appropriate it is to become aware of the development of the human side of organizations and associate our brand with what they call companies with a soul.

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