Inhabit a Dome

Project sketches

Domo Vida is a project that seeks to create a housing prototype in a frequency 4 dome, that is, a perfect half sphere. The domes are polyhedral structures, inscribed in a sphere, they are the most wind resistant covers. Living in a dome is challenging.

The design considers the circulation as the first challenge, optimizing the area from the function and ergonomics of the spaces. The location of the staircase in the vertical radius and its development in the set of unevennesses are the key to unite the habitability of each space of the house and the respect for the external shape of the dome. A living room, a dining room, a kitchen with laundry, two bedrooms and two bathrooms complete the areas of the house in 101m2.

We consider the optimization of the facilities by taking into account the alignment of openings to the outside according to construction strategies in response to bioclimatic factors. –

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